The 14 Dogs Accepted to Run in the 2016 Grand National Grouse & Woodcock Invitational Announced

The fourteen dogs that have accepted to run in 2016 Grand National Grouse & Woodcock Invitational are :

Upper Cove Billy Babe   Capocci / S. Forman

Terhaar’s Rouge              Terhaar / Terhaar

Full Blast                             Brenneman / Hughes

Grouse Hill Belle             Capocci / Stolgitis

Straight Forward             Brenneman / Hughes

Bud of Piney Wood       Waters / Ecker

Chasehill Baby Bella      Stoligits / Stoligits

High Desert Dream       Piperis / S. Forman

Centerfold Bette           Holmes / Holmes

Ponderosa Mac             Cartwright / Chaffee

Henry of Ferguson       Eberle / Bressler

Grouse Trail Pride         McKellop / McKellop

Call Me Maggie              Merlington / Merlington

Grouse Ridge Sarge     G. & S. Johnson / Hughes


The 2016 Invitational will run in the Gladwin Grouns, Gladwin, Mi.

April 13/14 & 15 2016


Click here for additional event information. Click here for the running rules.

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