Draw for the 71st Grand National Puppy Classic

71st Grand National Puppy Classic draw
Start time 7am sharp

1) Jar’s Way Leroy – SM Yutzey Hughes
Spata Grouse Boura – SF Aspirosis Aspirosis

2) Pine Swomp Woody – SM Blakely Blakely
Pleasant Valley Shiner – PF Stiteler Stiteler

3) Wildland Warrior – PF Munden Munden/Hughes
Grouse Trail’s Tuscarora – PM McKellop McKellop

4) Ozzy’s Crazy Train – SM Maderios Forman
Super Storm – SM Kain Kain

5) Cover Charge Royal Ruckus – PM Crumlich Crumlich/Hughes
Herschner’s Grouse Gunner Jr. – SM Herschner Herschner

6) Grouse Trail’s Miss America – PF McKellop McKellop
Baker’s Colby Jack – PM Baker Baker

7) Caliber Peak Storm Warning – PF Gomes Gomes/Hughes
Rip Stone – SM Estep Estep

8) Long Gone Hatfield – SM Kennedy Kennedy
Double Deuce Oscar – PM McMillen McMillen/Hughes

9) Grouse Hill Prima – PF Capocci Capocci
Grouse Trail’s Bravado – PM McKellop McKellop

10) Huckleberry’s Lucky Penny – PF Avillion Avillion
Toth’s Tornado Reloaded – PM Glover Glover

11) Deciding Point – SF Watt’s/Brennaman Kain
Grouse Trail’s Tango – PF McKellop McKellop

12) Chip’s Dozer – SM Chiappini Forman
Grouse Hill Bud – PM Capocci Capocci

13) Double Deuce Butters – PM McMillen McMillen/Hughes
Grouse Trail’s Legs – PM McKellop McKellop

14) Mullins Long Gone Freckle – SF Mullins Mullins
Armenia Mountain Mandy – SF Estep Estep

15) Grouse Trails Mighty Mouse – PF P. McKellop P. McKellop
Herschner’s Two Track Tank – SM Herschner Herschner

16) Cover Charge Rubicon – PF Crumlich Crumlich
Backstep Benny Blanco – SM Lahoda Lahoda

17) Pine Needles Keystone Ice – PM Miller Agnot
Caliber Peak Gunslinger – PM Gomes Gomes/Hughes

18) Magic Mist Carolina – SF Dahl Dahl
Grouse Trail’s Fire Storm – PF McKellop McKellop

19) Huckleberry’s Pretty Lady – PF Avillion Avillion
Chip’s Twin G – SF Chiappini Forman

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