74th Grand National Grouse Futurity draw

74th Grand National Grouse Futurity draw

Starts 7am Sunday November 4th.
We will begin on Course 1 Loleta and plan to get 13 braces in on Sunday. Regardless of number of braces run on Sunday we will start back on course 1 Loleta, Monday morning at 7am. Course order.. Loleta 1,2,3,4,5,6,7a,7b,Lamoanaville, 1,2,3,4,7

Dog Name Breed Handler
Brace 1 Chip’s Twin – G SF Forman
Cover Charge Royal Ruckus PM Hughes

Brace 2 Super Storm SM Kain
Caliber Peak Gunslinger PM Gomes-Hughes

Brace 3 Herschner’s Grouse Gunner Jr. SM Herschner
Grousetrails Mighty Mouse PF Patricia McKellop

Brace 4 Ozzy’s Crazy Train SM Forman
Chasehill Bewitched PF Stolgitis

Brace 5 Ripstone SM Estep
Grousetrails Miss America PF J. McKellop

Brace 6 Chasehill I’m Oscar PM Stolgitis
Wild Apple Siri PF Rizza

Brace 7 Anna Lake Konrad SM Hughes
Pleasant Valley Shiner PF Stiteler

Brace 8 Doodleridge Fern SF Mueller-Hughes
Armenia Mountain Mandy SF Estep

Brace 9 Deciding Point SF Brenneman
Wild Land Warrior PF Munden

Brace 10 Grousehill Bud PM Forman
Phillip’s Moonlight Lily SF Hughes

Brace 11 Grousetrails Firestorm PF J. McKellop
Hypointe Wild Flower SF Poloff

Brace 12 Grousetrails Bravado PM J. Mckellop
Double Deuce Oscar PM McMillen-Hughes

Brace 13 Sargeant Pepper SM Casgrain
Rowling’s Star SF Forman

Brace 14 Fox Brook Kid Rock SM Wheeler
Phillip’s Casanova Cowboy SM Hughes

Brace 15 Double Deuce Nova PF McMillen-Hughes
Long Gone Hatfield SF Kennedy

Brace 16 Anna Lake Sophie SF Hughes
Magic Mist Carolina SF Dahl

Brace 17 Pineswamp Woody SM Blakely-Hughes
Power Forward SF Kain

Brace 18 Jar’s Way Leroy SM Hughes
Grousetrails Tuscarora PM McKellop

Brace 19 Caliber Peak Storm Warning PF Gomes-Hughes
Panola Bacon PM Stolgitis

Brace 20 Herschner’s Two Track Tank SM Forman
Doodleridge Elroy SM Hughes

Brace 21 Chip’s Dozer SM Chiappini

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