Invitational Dogs for 2019 Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational

Due to a correction made the list of Invitational dogs and points has been updated :

The Invitational this coming year will be held in Gladwin Michigan…

Drawing, Tuesday April 9, 2019

Running Wednesday April 10, 2019 – Friday April 12, 2019

The Trial will be hosted by The Beaverton Grouse Dog Club

Judges, Reporter and other particulars to be announced at a later date.

Joe Cammisa, Secretary

The Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship

1-Ponderosa Mac 1,488 pts-Steve Snyder-Scott Chaffee (Automatic)

2-Chasehill Little Thud 576 pts -Tim Kiseleski-John Stolgitis (Automatic)

3-Blast Zone 2,538 pts-Thor Kain

4-Grouse Trails Pride 1,008 pts-John McKellop

5-Hershner’s Grouse Gunner 928 pts-Scott Hershner-Scott Chaffee

6-Back in Black 902 pts Bill Nelson Scott Chaffee

7-Shady Hills Whiskey 896 pts-Shady Hills Kennel-Scott Forman

8-Blast Off 848 pts Justin Evans-Marc Forman

9-Long Gone Mercedes – 750 pts-Lloyd Murray 

10-Titanium Jacksin 734 pts Doug Baughman-Bruce Minard

11-Higby Rilo 711 pts-Judith Hamilton-John Stolgitis

12-Rebellious Fearless Fred 696 pts-Mike Luebeke

13-Bud of Pineywoods 684 pts-Richard Walters-Robert Ecker

14-Nobody’s Shadow 672 pts-Bob Wheelock

15-Dun Roven’s Drifter 636 pts-Rich Hollister

16-Spring Brook Maximus 572 pts-Russel Ogilvie

17-All On 504 pts-Thor Kain

18-Wild Apple Calvados 496 pts-Tim Kiseleski -Craig Doherty

19-Double Deuce Dexter 480 pts-Doug McMillan

20-Titanium Hammer 480 pts-Doug Baughman-Bruce Minard

21-Stokelys Willie B 432 pts-Tony Bly

21-Miss Pennstar 432 pts -Dr. George Najor – Robert Ecker

Sunrise Star 384 pts-Dr. George Najor-Robert Ecker

Cairds Lefty 372 pts-Bob Little

Straight Forward 370 pts-Richard Brenneman and Bob Watts-Thor Kain

Henry of Ferguson 320 pts-Lance Bressler

Centerfold Bette 270 Dr.Harold Holmes

Heartland’s Maise Mae 240 pts Tim Kauffman

Grouse Trails Crackerjack 234 pts

John McKellop

Lake effect Tilly 180 pts-Tori & Tim Kaufman

Lasombra 160 pts – Carlos Escalante-Dave Hughes

AJ 140 pts-Brent Peters

Waymaker Super Sam 138 pts-Robert Klueger-Rich Hollister

Magic Mist Sydni 111 pts-Joe Dahl

Mooseloc Mac 110 pts Bob Little

Flycast Rollie Fingers 90 pts-Dr. Robert Haraden-Scott Chaffee

Finnegan 85 pts-Ann Naus

Ruffed Grouse Lily 66 pts- Paul Christopher

Witch City Chelsea 66 pts/ Steve Levesque

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