75th Annual Grand National Grouse Futurity running order

75th Grand National Grouse Futurity Draw

  Start time 7:30a. Meet at guard shack 7a

1a) Herbies Shasta La Vista sf Forman
1b) Grouse Hill Pepper pf Stolgitis
2a) Stan The Man sm Frutchey
2b) Elhew Snakewood pm Doherty
3a) Springbrook Sweet T pf Stolgitis
3b)HiFives Powerline pm Minard
4a)HiFives Top Shelf pf(is) Minard
4b)Ghost Train Solitaire sf Frutchey
5a)Grouse Hill Smokey pm Forman
5b)Debs McKeachie Road sf Kennedy
6a)My Long Gone Sprinkles sf Avery
6b)French’s Grouse Ringer Woody sm Forman
7a) Cairds Cracklin Rosie pf Little
7b)Elhew SnakeDancer pf Doherty
8a) Chasehill Little Speck pm Stolgitis
8b) Grouse Hill Duke pm Forman
9a) Shadyhills Savannah sf Forman

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