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2016 Futurity Results

Judges, Tony Bly, and Doug McMillen.
The Reporter and Stake Manager, Lloyd Murray
1st. Magic Mist Sydni; E.S.F. Black Face Miner X Star’s Southern Idol
Owner/ Handler : Joe Dahl
Breeder ; Jim Humphrey

2nd.McRae’s Angus : E.S.M. Dun Roven’s Boofox X Waymakers Super Sam
Owner/ Handler Carl McRae
Breeder : Richard Hollister

3rd. Clermont Lucky Brynn E.S.F. Jar’s Way Shirley X Long Gone Buckwheat
Owner :Rick Simpson

Handler: Dave Hughes
Breeder : Greg Yutzey

69th Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic Winners


The 68th Grand National Puppy Classic began at 7:30am at the Gladwin grounds in Gladwin, Michigan. The host club was Beaverton.

1st Angel Envey
Handler : Diane Wheelock
Owner: Diane Wheelock
Breeder : Dave D’ Hulster

2nd Magic Mist Sydni
Owner : Joe Dahl
Handler : Joe Dahl
Breeder : Jim Humphrey

3rd. Springfield Half Stache
Owner : Dave D’Hulster
Handler : Dave D’Hulster
Breeder: Dave D’Hulster

4th. River Edge Molly
Owner : Pat Cooke
Handler : Pat Cooke
Breeder: Pat Cooke



Wayne and Marlene Fruchey sitting in front if the 100 year commemoration sign for the Gladwin Field Trial Grounds.

Grand National Grouse Championship Judges Announced

The 2016 Grand National Grouse Championship will be held at the Kilkenny Area in New Hampshire starting November 1st.

Nominations and voting for judges has been completed. Judges are Thor Kain of Pennsylvania and Craig Merlington of Michigan.

Reporters will be Lloyd Murray of New Hampshire and Dave Fletcher of Michigan.

Stake managers will be, chair Lloyd Murray, Tony Bly and Joe Dahl.

Drawing will be Wednesday, October 26 with the Secretary.

The 14 Dogs Accepted to Run in the 2016 Grand National Grouse & Woodcock Invitational Announced

The fourteen dogs that have accepted to run in 2016 Grand National Grouse & Woodcock Invitational are :

Upper Cove Billy Babe   Capocci / S. Forman

Terhaar’s Rouge              Terhaar / Terhaar

Full Blast                             Brenneman / Hughes

Grouse Hill Belle             Capocci / Stolgitis

Straight Forward             Brenneman / Hughes

Bud of Piney Wood       Waters / Ecker

Chasehill Baby Bella      Stoligits / Stoligits

High Desert Dream       Piperis / S. Forman

Centerfold Bette           Holmes / Holmes

Ponderosa Mac             Cartwright / Chaffee

Henry of Ferguson       Eberle / Bressler

Grouse Trail Pride         McKellop / McKellop

Call Me Maggie              Merlington / Merlington

Grouse Ridge Sarge     G. & S. Johnson / Hughes


The 2016 Invitational will run in the Gladwin Grouns, Gladwin, Mi.

April 13/14 & 15 2016


Click here for additional event information. Click here for the running rules.