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2020 Spring Trial Cancellations

After careful consideration of the information at hand, grounds availability and hosting issues, the Secretaries of The Pennsylvania Grouse Trial Clubs are cancelling all Field Trials for the Spring of 2020.

In addition, the Grand National Grouse Executive Board have decided to cancel The Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship and The Grand National Puppy Classic.

Cancellations include:
The Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship
The Grand National Puppy Classic.
The Ontario Championship
The Amateur Invitational Coverdog Classic Scheduled for April 18th and 19th
The Venango Grouse Trial
The Pennsylvania Grouse Trial
Nittany Valley Grouse Trial

2017 Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic

2017 Puppy Classic Placements

1st Place- Full Breeze- setter female(Full Blast x Straight Forward), Bob Watts and Dick Brenneman- Breeder/owner , Thor Kain – Handler

2nd Place- Asper Hill Pippi- setter female,(Full Blast x ShadyHills Girly) Mike Oxenrider- owner/ handler, ShadyHills kennel- breeder 

3rd Place – Knob Mountain Mayhem-setter male,(Full Blast x Straight Forward) Mike Spotts -owner/ handler, Bob Watts and Dick Brenneman – breeder

4th Place – Braggabull – pointer female ( Bullybragg x Bullerina) Mark Hughes -owner/handler, Ernie and Karen Saniga – breeders. 

Thank you to Pat Cooke and John Cappocci for judging this years Puppy Classic. Another big thanks goes to Peter and Katy Flanagan for letting us use their beautiful grounds. The course had bird cover, open woods to show a dog and big field at the end to finish a dog going away to the front. And finally thank you to the breeders and owners that support the Grouse Futurity. Hope to see you all this fall in Michigan at the Futurity. 

A few pictures from the Puppy Classic….

Tom Coulter(rt side) came down from Canada to run his pup. His friend Cliff Durk also ran a pup and their wives were along to see what it was about.

Judges Pat Cooke and John Capocci

View from the gallery 

Kids and mud, big fun

Winners pic

GNG & Woodcock Invitational, Day 2

Pics from day 2

Rich Hollister headed to the line with Dunrovens Drifter

Ricky Hollister catching all the action on his GoPro

Judge Lloyd Murray ready to go

John Stolgitis wrangling for Judge Mike Groy 

Bill Ballin. Helping out marshaling braces and wherever he’s needed 

Dave Hughes getting  Centerfold Bette belled up and ready to go

Deb Nihart and Sally

Invitational Secretary George Johnson and GNG director Joe Cammissa


Day 1 GNG and Woodcock Invitational 2017

Brace 1: L- Grouse Hill Pepper Ann- Forman, R- Miss Pennstar- Ecker

Crossing the powerline on course 1

Brace 2: L- Moss Meadow Traveler- Moss, Islander- Ecker

Course 2

Brace 3: L- Chip’s A-100 – Forman

R – Out of the Shadows – Wheelock

Brace 4: L- Daddy’s Little Boy Butch- Stolgitis. R- DunRovens Drifter- Hollister

Brace 5 : L – Herbies Asta La Vista – Forman, R – Straight Forward – Hughes 

Brace 6 :  L – Grouse Hill Bell – Stolgitis, R- Rockland Ridge McGraw- Ecker

Brace 7:  L – Chasehill Baby Bella – Stolgitis, Centerfold Bette- Hughes

Lost Pond

Lunch Time

Ricky Hollister came all the way from Michigan to see his dog run

The brothers Forman

Tony watching over the Chowdah

The judges faired well after a long day in the saddle on day 1 

Robert Ecker cooking at the Steak fry that Purina sponsored

Day 2 Draw

1a) Dun Rovens Drifter -Hollister

1b) Centerfold Bette- Hughes

2a) Chasehill Baby Bella- Stolgitis

2b) Rockland Ridge McGraw-Ecker 

3a) Daddy’s Little Boy Butch -Stolgitis

3b) Straight Forward- Hughes

4a) Grouse Hill Bell- Stolgitis

4b) Herbies Asta La Vista – Forman

5a) Islander – Ecker

5b) Chips A-100  – Forman

6a) Out of the Shadows – Wheelock 

6b) Miss Pennstar- Ecker

7a) Grouse Hill Pepper Ann- Forman

7b) Moss Meadow Traveler- Moss