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Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational points totals

Secretary Joe Cammisa has tallied the points for the GNG and Woodcock Invitational. They are as follows…

Grouse Hill Belle = Auto

Centerfold Bette = Auto

Call Me Maggie = Auto

Daddy’s Little Boy Butch = 2,412 pts 

Ponderosa Mac = 2,271 pts. 

Snyder’s Full Rage = 1,596 pts.

Boston = 1,237 pts.

Nic Of Time = 1,040 pts.

River’s Edge Bailey = 912 pts.

Lasambra = 880 pts.

Hirshner’s Grouse Gunner = 864 pts.

Blast Zone = 834 pts.

Meredith’s Grade Annie = 744 pts.

Tim’s Setter Rosie = 720 pts.

Dewsweeper = 688 pts.

Chasehill Little Thudd = 668 pts.

Shadyhills Whiskey Bonfire = 660 pts.

Blast Off = 516 pts.

Fernwood Cove Bella = 492 pts.

Grouse Trails Pride= 468 pts.

Mr. Finnegan = 454 pts.

Over the Hill Patty = 416 pts.

Caird’s Little Brynn = 410 Pts.

Out of the Shadows = 400 pts.

Long Gone Juicy = 396 pts.

Centerfold Sis = 340 pts.

Showgirl = 312 pts.

Go Peter B = 300 pts.

Snyder’s Pioneer Scout = 292 pts.

Chasehill Baby Bella = 288 pts.

Hawthorn Lit Up = 252 pts.

Herbie’s Asta La Vista = 246 pts.

Long Gone Porky = 224 pts.

Double Deuce Dexter = 219 pts.

Laurel Mt. Princess Zeena = 190 pts.

Stokely’s Frankie B = 168 pts.

Grouse Hill Pepper Ann = 147 pts.

Rockland Ridge McGraw = 130 pts.

Kendal Hills Dawson Creek = 130 pts.

Lake Effect Tilly = 129 pts.

Long Gone Mercedes = 120 pts.

Dunroven’s Drifter = 117 pts.

Grouse River RocknRoll = 117 pts.

Haycreek Opie = 103 pts.

Grouse Trails Sharptail = 80 pts.

Travel Alert = 78 pts.

Straight Forward = 72 pts.

Long Gone Studley = 72 pts.

Diva Dot = 60 pts.

She’s Miss Behavin = 55 pts.

Lake Effect Tilly = 45 pts.

Ghost Train Cody = 42 pts.

Hartland Maisey Mae = 27 pts.

75th Grand National Grouse Championship draw

Grand National Grouse Championship75th Running November 7, 2017

Brace​Dog’s Name​​​​​B/S​Owner​​​​Handler

1.​Bad River Rutherford​​​​s/m​Tom Vanecek​​​Vanecek

1.​Dun Rovens Drifter​​​​s/m​Hollister/Harang​​​Hollister/Chaffee


2.​Paramachine Flight​​​​s/f​Danny Nein​​​Hughes

2.​Bo of Pineywood​​​​​p/m​Richard Warters​​​Ecker


3.​LaSombra​​​​​p/m​Carlos Escanlante​​​Hughes

3.​Bud of Pineywood​​​​p/m​Richard Warters​​​Ecker


4.​Ryans Honey Rider​​​I/S​s/f​Ryan Saling​​​Hollister/Chaffee

4.​Out of the Shadow’s​​​I/S​s/f​Bob Wheelock​​​Wheelock


5.​Wayward Flying Tomato​​​​s/m​Anne Hughes​​​Hughes

5.​Nobody’s Shadow​​​​s/m​Bob Wheelock​​​Wheelock


6.​Single Shot Barley​​​​s/f​Paul Gilletto​​​Hughes

6.​Boston​​​​​​p/m​Jim Kilrain​​​Forman


7.​Ponderosa Mac​​​​​s/m​Steven Snyder​​​Chaffee

7.​Baxter’s Apache John​​​​s/m​Brent Peters​​​Peters


8.​Straight Forward​​​​​s/f​Brenneman/Watts​​Hughes

8.​Grouse Trails Cracker Jack​​​s/m​John McKellop​​​McKellop


9.​Full Blast​​​​​s/m​Brenneman/Watts​​Hughes

9.​Grouse Trails Pride​​​​p/f​John Mckellop​​​McKellop


10.​Nic of Time​​​​​p/m​Jim Kilrain​​​Forman

10.​Miss Pennstar​​​​​s/f​Dr. George Najor​​​Ecker


11.​Sumac’s Shay Sha​​​​p/f​Roger McPherson​​Hughes

11.​Herbies Asta LaVista​​​I/S​s/f​Shannon Humphry​​Forman


12.​Pistal Grip​​​​​p/m​Mike Husentis​​​Hughes

12.​Grouse River Rocken Roll​​​​s/m​Bryan Wood​​​Forman


13.​Phillips Halfmoon​​​​s/f​Matthew Phillips​​​Hughes

13.​Grouse Hill Pepper Anne​​​​s/f​John Capocci​​​Forman


14.​Meredith Grade Annie​​​​s/f​Dennis Keysor​​​Chaffee

14.​Wicked Thunder Alley​​​​p/f​Teri Lee Propsts​​​Ecker


15.​Long Gone Studley​​​​s/m​Lloyd Murray​​​Hughes

15.​Shadyhills Whiskey Bonfire​​​s/m​Shadyhills Kennel​​Forman


16.​Centerfold Bette​​​​​s/f​Dr. Harold Holmes​​Holmes

16.​Double Deuce Dexter​​​​p/m​Doug McMillen​​​Hughes


17.​Fox Brook Ike​​​​​s/m​Chad Wheeler​​​Wheeler

17.​Wild Kat Run​​​​​s/f​Derrek Zukovich​​​Ecker


18.​River’s Edge Bailey​​​I/S​s/f​Pat Cooke​​​Forman

18.​Rockland Ridge McGraw​​​​s/f​Gary Chiapaty​​​Ecker



19.​Grouse Ridge Larry​​​​s/m​Paula Guilito​​​Hollister/Chaffee

19.​Hunter’s Paleface​​​​​s/m​Lance Bressler​​​Bressler


20.​Quail Trap Will​​​​​s/m​Dave Hawks​​​Chaffee

20.​One Shot Remington​​​​s/m​Greg Hilla​​​Hilla


21.​Ghost Train Cody​​​​s/m​Ghost Train Kennels​​Fruchey

21.​Waymaker Super Sam​​​​s/m​Hollister/Kluger​​​Hollister/Chaffee


22.​Snyder’s Full Rage​​​I/S​s/f​Steven Snyder​​​Chaffee

22.​Double Deuce Molly​​​​p/f​Doug McMillen​​​Hughes


23.​Grouse Trails Sharptail​​​​p/f​John McKellop​​​McKellop

23.​River Edge DJ​​​​​s/m​Pat Cooke​​​Forman


24.​Snyder’s Pioneer Scout​​​​s/m​Steven Snyder​​​Chaffee

24.​Faith’s Maximum Justice​​​​p/m​Ken Delong​​​Delong


25.​Sutter’s Back Country Race​​I/S​s/f​Paula Guilito​​​Hughes

25.​Rowling’s Nike​​​​I/S​s/f​Chuck Rowling​​​Rowling


26.​Chip’s A-100​​​​​s/m​Steve Chippiani​​​Forman

26.​Sunrise Star​​​​​s/m​Dr. George Najor​​​Ecker


27.​Uppercove Billie Babe​​​I/S​s/f​John Capocci​​​Forman

27.​Celtic’s Signature​​​​​is/f​Paul Ober​​​Ecker


28.​Call Me Maggie​​​​I/S​s/f​Craig Merlington​​​Merlington

28.​She’s Miss Behavin​​​​s/f​Brian Trimmer​​​Trimmer/Forman


29.​Grouse Ringer Tony​​​​s/m​Gary Vitali​​​Forman

29.​Willow Wood Squid Tone​​​​s/m​Chris Demattio​​​​Hughes


30.​Glenrae’s Mr. Finnigan​​​​s/m​Ann Naus​​​Naus

30.​Dew Sweeper​​​​​p/m​Dick Straub​​​Hughes


31.​Moss Meadow Rambler​​​​s/m​Ken Moss​​​Moss

31.​Islander​​​​​​s/m​Pedja Kazic​​​Ecker


32.​Blast Off​​​​​s/m​Justin Evans​​​Forman

32.​Travel Alert​​​​​s/m​Dr. Harold Holmes​​Holmes


33.​Pepper Jack Wood​​​​s/m​John Bodo​​​Bodo

33.​Moss Meadow Doc​​​​s/m​Ken Moss​​​Moss


34.​Hershner’s Grouse Gunner​​​​s/m​Scott Hershner​​​Chaffee

34.​Henry Ferguson​​​​​s/m​Tom Eberle​​​Bressler


35.​Ana Lake Kiah​​​​I/S​s/f​Rob Matson​​​Hughes

35.​Grouse Ringer Razzle​​​​s/f​Gary Vitali​​​Forman


36.​All Out​​​​​​s/m​Joe Hopkins​​​Chaffee

36​Blast Zone​​​​​s/m​Brenneman/Watts​​Hughes


37.​Dun Rovens Mind Tricks​​​​s/m​Brundans Terrian​​​Hollister/Chaffee

37.​Kendal Hills Dawson Creek​​​p/m​Tufts/Perschke​​​Hughes


38.​High Pointe Left Turn​​​​s/m​Jeremiah Watson​​​Chaffee

38.​Attitudes Tru Grit​​​​s/m​Dennis&Hope Beauford​​Ecker


39.​Centerfold Sis​​​​I/S​s/f​Dr. Harold Holmes​​Holmes

39.​Grouse Ridge Darla​​​​s/f​Thomas/Crumlich​​Hughes


40.​Cover Charge Search Engine​​​p/m​Geroge Crumlich​​​Hughes


73rd Grand National Grouse Futurity Draw

73rd Grand National Grouse Futurity 

1a) DJ’s Fire Inside SF Wyatt / Hollister 

1b) Double Deuce Sage PF McMillen / McMillen/Hughes 
2a) Dunrovens Grumpy SM Randi Hollister / Randi Hollister 

2b) Doodleridge Huckleberry SM Meuller / Hughes 
3a) A Distant Spec PF Husenits / Hughes 

3b) Moss Meadow Crusader SM Moss / Moss 
4a) Full Breeze SF Watts/Brenneman / Brenneman 

4b) ShadyHills Thor SM ShadyHills Kennel / Forman 
5a) Oscar Robinson SM Gehm / Hughes 

5b) Grouse River Princess Star SF Wood / Forman 
6a) Duck Hook PM Straub / Hughes 

6b) McRaes Boris SM McRae / R. Hollister 
7a) McRaes Natasha SF (is) McRae / R. Hollister 

7b) ShadyHills Zeena PF Nihart / Forman 
8a) Flycast Rollie Fingers SM Haraden / Chaffee 

8b) Mak’s Cadillac Jack SM Gehm / Hughes 
9a) Warrior Zeke PM Husenits / Hughes 

9b) Grouse River Sampson SM Wood / Forman 
10a) GameChanger SM Watts/Brenneman / Brenneman 

10b) Double Deuce Zeke PM McMillen / McMillen/Hughes 
11a) BraggaBull PF M. Hughes / Hughes 

11b) Dunrovens Super Sophie SF R. Hollister Jr / R. Hollister Jr 
12a) Fireside Hy-Sun Whisper SF (is) Esser / Chaffee 

12b) Hell Bent Zoey SF Paraskevopoulus / Hughes