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Winners of the 71st Grand National Grouse Futurity Puppy Classic

71st Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic winners

1st- Long Gone Hatfield, owned and handled by Deb Kennedy

2nd- Superstorm, owned and handled by Thor Kain

3rd- Backstep Benny Blanco, owned and handled by Kevin Lahoda

4th- Pleasant Valley Shiner, owned and handled by James Stiteler(not pictured)

Thank you to Purina and Dean Reinke for supporting Grand National events and also thank you to Garmin for their support of Grand National events

Winners of the 28th annual Grouse and Woodcock Invitational

Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational winners

CH Ponderosa Mac owned by Steve Snyder and handled by Scott Chaffee

RU Chasehill Little Thudd owned by Tim Kisieleski and handled by John Stolgitis

Congratulations to the owners and handlers. Thank you Purina and Dean Reinke for supporting Grand National Events and also thank you to Garmin for their support of Grand National Events.

Directions and more info for Puppy Classic

Realizing with 38 pups drawn to run this Saturday, & many people are coming from out of the area, I’m placing an area map & course location here.
From ST HWY 27 (AKA: Star Route), take Luce road straight north for 2.4 miles. Luce changes names to Maple Hill road, but stay straight north. At the 90 degree bend to the west is a Game Lands parking lot. Your there. You’ll probably pass a “road closed” sign when entering the Game Lands. This end is fine to the course. The other end from Carpenter road east onto Maple Hill is not.
The red dots are your route. The blue circle is the course. Half way up Luce is my house marked with a green X. If you have a GPS and want to find Luce road, my address is 32798 Shaffer road, Guys Mills PA. BUT, I am 150 yards west of the intersection. So, when it says to turn left to my address onto Shaffer road, keep straight staying on Luce & further up, straight north onto Maple Hill road. I can text you this map if needed. Any questions, feel free to call my cell at: Eight14-79five-76nine1 I’ll be on course from about 6AM on Saturday AM. Thor tells me, that with 38 dogs we will be starting at 7AM sharp and will be running close to dark. Have your dog ready on line promptly when the judges are finishing the prior run.
On RT 27, Titusville is about 16 minutes east, & Meadville is about 24 minutes west. A few miles north is Townville (can see on upper portion of map), & it has a really nice family restaurant.
If any of you have been to our August throw down Quail trial, this is the same course. See you all there.

Draw for the 71st Grand National Puppy Classic

71st Grand National Puppy Classic draw
Start time 7am sharp

1) Jar’s Way Leroy – SM Yutzey Hughes
Spata Grouse Boura – SF Aspirosis Aspirosis

2) Pine Swomp Woody – SM Blakely Blakely
Pleasant Valley Shiner – PF Stiteler Stiteler

3) Wildland Warrior – PF Munden Munden/Hughes
Grouse Trail’s Tuscarora – PM McKellop McKellop

4) Ozzy’s Crazy Train – SM Maderios Forman
Super Storm – SM Kain Kain

5) Cover Charge Royal Ruckus – PM Crumlich Crumlich/Hughes
Herschner’s Grouse Gunner Jr. – SM Herschner Herschner

6) Grouse Trail’s Miss America – PF McKellop McKellop
Baker’s Colby Jack – PM Baker Baker

7) Caliber Peak Storm Warning – PF Gomes Gomes/Hughes
Rip Stone – SM Estep Estep

8) Long Gone Hatfield – SM Kennedy Kennedy
Double Deuce Oscar – PM McMillen McMillen/Hughes

9) Grouse Hill Prima – PF Capocci Capocci
Grouse Trail’s Bravado – PM McKellop McKellop

10) Huckleberry’s Lucky Penny – PF Avillion Avillion
Toth’s Tornado Reloaded – PM Glover Glover

11) Deciding Point – SF Watt’s/Brennaman Kain
Grouse Trail’s Tango – PF McKellop McKellop

12) Chip’s Dozer – SM Chiappini Forman
Grouse Hill Bud – PM Capocci Capocci

13) Double Deuce Butters – PM McMillen McMillen/Hughes
Grouse Trail’s Legs – PM McKellop McKellop

14) Mullins Long Gone Freckle – SF Mullins Mullins
Armenia Mountain Mandy – SF Estep Estep

15) Grouse Trails Mighty Mouse – PF P. McKellop P. McKellop
Herschner’s Two Track Tank – SM Herschner Herschner

16) Cover Charge Rubicon – PF Crumlich Crumlich
Backstep Benny Blanco – SM Lahoda Lahoda

17) Pine Needles Keystone Ice – PM Miller Agnot
Caliber Peak Gunslinger – PM Gomes Gomes/Hughes

18) Magic Mist Carolina – SF Dahl Dahl
Grouse Trail’s Fire Storm – PF McKellop McKellop

19) Huckleberry’s Pretty Lady – PF Avillion Avillion
Chip’s Twin G – SF Chiappini Forman