Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic

2021 Cancellations

The Board of directors of the grand National Grouse Championship with saddened heart regretfully announce that, because of the uncertainty of where we will be with the status of the pandemic the 2021 Running of the Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship and the Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic will be cancelled and there will be no points awarded for the 2022 running during the spring 2021 trialing season.  It is anticipated that the point tabulation will resume with the 2021 fall trialing season.  That decision will be finalized at a special Meeting to be held in July.  Please continue to monitor this web site for further information regarding this situation.

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2019 Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic Winners

2019 Puppy Classic Winners

1st- Deb’s McKeachie Road, bred by Bryan Wood, owned and handled by Deb Kennedy

2nd- Elhew Snakewood, bred and owned by Craig Craig Doherty

3rd- Snyder’s Pioneer Sam, bred by Craig Merlington, owned by Steven Snyder and handled by Scott Chaffee

4th- Tupelo Honey, bred, owned and handled by Bob Wheelock,

This is Deb Kennedy’s second year in a row winning the Puppy Classic!!!!

Thank you to Dean Reinke and Purina for sponsoring the Grouse Futurity and its events. Also thank you to Garmin for their sponsorship of this event.