Running Rules

Invitational Championship

Section 1. The winner of the Grouse and Woodcock Invitational must compete three consecutive days running one hour each day.

Section 2. The winner shall be determined by the two chosen judges  who will decide the  best most consistent  performer over the entire three day trial.  It should be noted that all three days must be  considered  before  rendering  an appropriate decision as one fantastic hour does not necessarily mean this dog should be the winner.

Section 3. Native grouse or woodcock must be located and handled satisfactorily to place a Champion in this event.  The dog should be shot over for each find with a .32 Caliber or larger blank pistol or shot gun.  It should be noted that grouse and woodcock work should be considered equal to each other.

Section 4. The guide lines set forth in the running rules of the Grand National Grouse Championship should be used when judging this event unless otherwise noted in these running rules.

Section 5. The first days running shall be decided by a random drawing conducted before the scheduled starting date of the trial.  The second days running will be decided by the secretary also at the drawing.  No female dog should be scratched because she came in season during the running of the trial.  If a bitch comes in season or is in season during the trial the secretary shall pair that dog with another female.

Section 6. All dogs must compete the first 2 days of the event.  The third day’s running shall be decided by the current judges.  On the 3rd days running they shall pick a minimum of two or a maximum of 8 dogs.  They shall also pick the courses they wish to see each brace on.  The judges shall also pair each brace and the time of day they wish to see each brace.

Section 7. At the end of each of the first two days of running the judges shall declare the top performance of that particular day.  The handler who wins this honor shall receive a cash award of 10% of the declared purse.

Section 8. Additional running may be necessary after the three days of running are concluded.  The decision to do this is at the sole discretion of the judges.  They again shall choose the dogs, the course, and the time in which they wish to see.

Section 9. The judges should not order any dog up unless it is severely interfering with its bracemate.  A handler may volunteer to pick his own dog up but must realize that in doing so he has disqualified himself from winning the Championship title, however he still could run his dog on day two for a chance at the 2nd days top dog of the day money.   All  judging  should  be  done  from  a positive perspective, that is the judges should look to place the dog doing the most things right instead of the least things wrong.  In this three day trial the judges will have ample time to observe each dog stamina, style, bidability, backing, bird finding abilities and how he handles his game.