Beaver Meadow Bette

Beaver Meadow Bette,  pointer female,  was comfortable wherever her feet hit the ground.  Imbued with loads of style, she appeared in the later 1990’s and was consistent winner for nearly a decade after  winning the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity in 1996.      Owned by Paul Horchen of Dubois,  PA,  and developed by Dave Hughes, Bette  won three National titles,  The Grand National Grouse Championship in New Hampshire,  The National Amateur Grouse Championship at Marienville,  PA,  and the U. S. Complete National Championship in Tennessee.  She would rack up nine championships,  four of them in cover trials and five on quail. She also won ribbons in horseback trials under multiple handlers.

Her production record is also very good.  She directly produced three dogs with titles including a multiple R-U horseback champion,  but the most important of her direct progeny was CH. Beaver Meadow Benjamin,  the most successful pointer sire of our era in cover trials.  Benjamin was runner-up at the Grand National and he produced a winner,  Chasehill Mollie,  and a runner-up,  Chasehill Little Bud at our sport’s most prestigious trial.   Benjamin’s other champions are also quite numerous  but Chasehill Little Bud,  with more than thirty titles in most every trial circuit,  best displays the abilities of his grandmother Beaver Meadow Bette.