Chicora Delight

Chicora Delight at one year of age was presented to Mr. Lee White as a gift from Mr. Fritz J. Frank of Madison, N.J.  She was immediately placed with Elias Vail for development. Reports from Elias Vail labeled her as the scrawniest, sorriest bag of bones he had ever seen. After two Puppy placements she was categorized by Vail “too much dog for New England trials”, and was placed  with Mike Seminatore.  Almost unbreakable until she was four years of age, Dee was finally finished on her birds and won the 1940 New England Open Championship, which she won for a second time in 1942. Dee had six other wins on multiple courses on wild birds. She was a genius as a Grouse dog and one that could run all day at competitive speed…something very few dogs could do.

After her 1942 triumph Dee was given to Mike Seminatore who retired her from Field Trials. Chicora Delight was bred several times by both her owners and was the dam of notable Field Trial winners, Chief General, Chief Masterman, Beau’s Delight, Tulagi Chief and High Regard. Lee White’s line of Setters, known as the “Chief” line became famous throughout New England and as Lee wrote …the term “Chief” only applied to progeny and descendants of his foundation dam Chicora Delight.

Chosen as a Cover Dog Legend by GNG Northeast Region Directors in 2007