Pleasant Valley Clyde

Pleasant Valley Clyde,  an English Setter dog,  came along in the 1970’s,  a time when grouse were scarce at a lot of venues. Due to lack of game in PA, Clyde never ran a Grand National in his home state,  but he still won the Grand National twice and was runner-up a third time. Completely amateur trained and handled by Dubois,  PA,  veterinarian Dr. James Stiteler,  Clyde dominated the era with six championships.  When Clyde began his trial career,  there were only three grouse championships: the  Pennsylvania, the Lake States, and the Grand National.  Clyde would win all three,  two of them twice. He won the lakes States in 1973 and 1976,  the PA in 1976 and the Grand National in 1976 and 1979.  In 1978,  Clyde also won the newly sanctioned National Amateur Grouse Championship.  He was also runner-up once in the Lake States (1975).

Clyde came to define what many grouse trialers feel is the ultimate compliment for a grouse dog,   He found them where they ain’t.   One of the most respected trialers in the sport’s history reported going to a lot of trials at Marienville, PA , in those days where they would only see one grouse,  and often it would be off of Pleasant Valley Clyde’s nose.

In one of the most impressive years of any grouse dog ever,  Clyde won all three existing grouse championship in the same year, 1976, also winning the National Invitational that year,   a trial that preceded the Invitational Championship.   When he was nearly ten years old, Clyde won the Grand National for the second time,  the oldest dog to have won it and still the only dog to have placed in the Grand National three times.