Dr. Thomas Flanagan

When Dr. Tom established Grouse Ridge Kennels in 1950,  he brought a long time love of setters and upland hunting to the table.  He campaigned dogs on a variety of circuits for mote than half a century, but Champions Grouse Ridge John,  Grouse Ridge Will,  and Grouse Ridge Reroy all were great performers in cover trials and legendary producers of cover dogs and beyond.  Dr. Tom handled Grouse Ridge Will to a Grand National Grouse Championship win in 1970,  served as an officer and director of the Grand National for many years,  and by and large managed the running of the Grand when it was part of rotation for many years.    His farm hosted and continues to host many trials including the Grand National Invitational.

For his many contributions to Field Trials,  Dr. Tom was elected to the Field Trial Hall Of Fame in 1999.  For the role he played in grouse trials,  the northeast region proudly declares Dr. Thomas Flanagan,  “A Legend Of The Game.”