Frank Foss

Frank Foss,  even as a young man,  was known nationally known in the bird dog world.  In the 1930’s,  his photo and by-line appeared more than 20 times a year in the American Field as  he reported nearly every weekend Fall and Spring.  He counted William Harnden Foster and W. Lee White among his  many friends and was respected well beyond New England as an articulate student of the sport. He was called upon to report the inaugural Grand National Grouse Championship in PA in 1943 and he would report and judge prestigious championships into the 1980’s,  including several stints at the Grand National. In later years, he would regal the younger trialers with interesting stories about dogs and people long past,  with never a bad word about anyone.  His stories, like his reports,  were like the man who wrote them: literate and honest with a kind edge. The Northeast Region in 2010 is proud to honor this legend of our sport.