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78th Grand National Grouse Championship Winner Grand Champion Double Deuce Zeke

Congratulations to Grand Champion Double Deuce Zeke, handled by Dave Hughes and owned by Doug McMillen; and to Runner-Up Champion Out of the Shadows, handled by Bob Wheelock and owned by Bob and Diane Wheelock. Judges Craig Merlington and Chad Wheeler. Congratulations to all and thank you to all those who helped to make this a success.

Daily Summary of the Grand National Grouse Championship

Day Three 11/05/2020

Today was nearly perfect, overcast skies while temps di reach to the low 60’s the cloudy skies helped some with performances but a few dogs did succome to the heat.
5 grouse were sighted by officials today and 3 dogs pointed grouse.  The tally keeps growing and the judges are beginning to have dogs to choose from.  We did get 7 more braces in today and will start on brace 22 on course 11-12.  

Day Two 11/04/2020

Today we were blessed with bluebird skies and temps reaching 70 degrees, great weather for people but not good for birds.  However we had 2 different dogs point grouse and 5 total birds were seen.  We got 7 more braces in today. will be starting on course 13,14 with brace 15 in the morning.

Day One 11/03/2020
We were greeted with clear skies and temps in the low 30’s and about 4″ of snow still left on the ground from the weekend snow storm.  The day warmed to a comfortable 52 degrees with mild winds and the snow melted and was nearly all gone by the last brace.  7 braces were completed today so we will start brace eight on course 15-16 at 8am Tuesday. several spectators were on the grounds today most notably Dean Reneke from the Garmin Comapany and Eric Mundan from Lion Country.  Today 15 grouse were observed by officials and two dogs had clean birdwork with three finds.  The woodcock have seemed to have left the area as none were seen today. 

2020 Drawing of the Grand National Grouse Championship

Grand National Grouse Championship
78th Running November 3, 2020
Gladwin Field Trial Area Meredith, Michigan
Start Time 8:00am each Morning
Courses: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16. Will start each morning where we leave off.

Brace Dog’s Name B/S Handler
1. Hifive’s Power Line p/m Minard
1. Grouse Hill Bullet Proof s/m M Forman

2. Bud of Piney Wood p/m Ecker
2. Dun Roven’s Drifter s/m Hollister

3. Hershner’s Thunderbolt Jet s/m T Chaffee
3 Pistol Grip s/m M Hughes

4. Leslie Jiggster s/m S Forman
4. Braggabull p/f M Hughes

5. Rebellious Fearless Fred s/m Luebke/Forman
5. Thorn Apple Cody s/m Minard

6. Phillips Moonlight Lilly i/s s/f D Hughes
6. Ghost Train Sassy s/f Fruchey

7. Anna Lake Sophie i/s s/f D Hughes
7. Snyders Full Rage i/s s/f S Chaffee

8. A Distant Spec i/s p/f M Hughes
8. Bawl of Fire Slipper p/f Minard

9. Jars Way LeRoy s/m M Hughes
9. Grouse Hill Smokey p/m M Forman

10. Highbanks Down N Dirty p/f S Chaffee
10. Full Breeze i/s s/f D Hughes

11. Baxter’s Apache John s/m Peters
11. LaSombra p/m D Hughes

12. Highbanks Back N Black p/m Chaffee/Nelson
12. Pond Road Pete s/m Hollister

13. Double Deuce Zeke p/m D Hughes
13. Attitudes True Grit s/m Ecker

14. Blast Off s/m M Forman
14. Wayward Flying Tomato s/m M Hughes

15. Hifives Top Shelf p/f Minard
15. Sumac’s Sashay i/s p/f M Hughes

16. Shady Hills Whiskey Bonfire s/m S Forman
16. Flycast Rollie Fingers s/m S Chaffee

17. Rebellious Boisterous Bart s/m Luebke/Forman
17. All Out s/m S Chaffee

18. Travel Alert s/m Holmes
18. I’ll Be Back s/m M Hughes

19. Wild Apple Siri p/f Minard
19. Snyder’s Pioneer Scout s/m T Chaffee

20. Grouse Trails Tuscarora p/m M Hughes
20. Fireside Aidan s/m T Chaffee

21. Deciding Point i/s s/f D Hughes
21. Out of the Shadows s/f Wheelock

22. Cal Peak 100th Meridian p/m M Hughes
22. Angels Envy s/f Wheelock

23. Melville Sureshot Buck s/m S Forman
23 Maximum Resistance s/m Ecker

24. Bo Of Piney Wood p/m Ecker
24. Double Deuce Oscar p/m McMillen/Hughes

25. Bax-stars Doc Holiday gsp/m Baxter
25. Bawl of Fire Charlie p/f Minard

26. Upper Ammonoosuc Violet s/f Ecker
26 Faith’s Maximum Justice p/m DeLong

27. Boston p/m Ecker
27. Game Winner s/m D Hughes

28. Double Deuce Sage p/f McMillen/Hughes
28. Nobody’s Shadow s/m Wheelock

29. Sterlingsworth Jack s/m Ecker
29. Warrior Zeke p/m M Hughes

30. Grouse Ridge Larry s/m Hollister
30. Double Deuce Dexter p/m D Hughes

31. Texas Elhew Bodie p/m M Forman
31. Hershner’s Grouse Gunner s/m S Chaffee

32. Kendall Hill’s Dawson Creek p/m M Hughes
32. Titanium Hammer p/m Minard

33. Ponderosa Mac s/m S Chaffee
33. Wildland Warrior p/f M Hughes


Special Notice

The Executive board of the Grand National Grouse Championship has decided that in the best interest of everyone’s health the Monday Nights Banquet and the Tuesday and Wednesday’s membership and Board of Directors meetings be canceled this year.  There will be an attempt made to hold a virtual Board of Directors meeting after the first of the year to take care of the annual business of the club.

Respectfully Submitted by Richard Brenneman and Tom Fruchey.

Judges Announcement

The judges for the 2020 Grand National Grouse Championship have been announced.

Craig Merlington of Cedar Springs, Michigan.

Chad Wheeler of Riner, VA.

Trial held Gladwin Field Trial Area -Meredith, Michigan Tuesday November 3rd 2020 @ 7:00 AM.

2020 Grand National Grouse Championship Info

The 78th running of the Grand National Grouse Championship will be held at the Gladwin Field Trial Area in Meredith, Michigan starting Tuesday November 3rd 2020 at 7:00 AM.

Contact Info: Tom Fruchey—(989) 435-3793, 952 Van Dyke Rd., Beaverton, MI 48612.

The 76th running of the Grand National Grouse Futurity will be held at the Gladwin Field Trial Area in Meredith, Michigan beginning November 1st 2020 at 7:00 AM.

Contact Info: Thor Kain—(570) 702-6670, 348 Upper Powderly St., Carbondale, PA 18407.