Running Rules

Puppy Classic

The Grouse Puppy Classic shall be run annually in the spring of the year in grouse cover, under the auspices and the jurisdiction of the Club.  Successive Puppy Classics shall be designated by consecutive numbering; thus First, Second, Third, etc.

The time and place of running shall be selected by the Executive Committee (see Article VI of the By-Laws) after the Futurity Secretary shall have made contact with prospective host clubs, for the event and made recommendations as to availability of grounds and dates.

The Stake Manager, appointed by the Executive Committee, shall have complete supervision of the Stake, including not only the actual running but also all arrangements for local publicity, entertainment, accommodations for visitors and dogs, hiring of horses, etc.  The Stake Manager may appoint such assistants and/or local committees as he may consider necessary.

All dogs eligible to run in the next following Futurity are eligible to run in The Puppy Classic provided they are registered in the Field Dog Stud Book or a registry recognized by the F.D.S.B.

Four (4) winners shall be named: First, Second, third and fourth.

The Executive Committee shall select the judges and decide on their number.  So far as it is possible to obtain the acceptance of experienced persons the judiciary shall represent as many geographical areas as there are judges.  If a judge fails to keep the engagement a substitute shall be named by the Stake Manager.

The judges shall have full charge of the running of the dogs and control of the handlers, subject only to the By-Laws and Running Rules.

If the physical aspects of the grounds make it practical the judges and the official reporter may be mounted (see Championship Rules 5 and 12).

The first series shall be of thirty (30) minutes’ duration, with all subsequent running discretionary with the judges.

The Stake may be run on a single course or on multiple courses as determined each year by the Executive Committee.

The By-Laws and Championship Running Rules shall apply to The Grouse Puppy Classic with respect to all pertinent matters not otherwise specifically covered by the Running Rules of The Classic.

It shall be the duty of the Secretary-Treasurer of The Grouse Futurity to supply the judges with copies of all of the foregoing rules and regulations well in advance of the date of the trial.