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73rd Grand National Puppy Classic Winners

1st Super Storm Hank, Thor Kain
2nd North Country Soda Pop, Adam Dubriske
3rd Grouse Hill Rambo, John Capocci
4th Resin, Kevin Lahoda

Thank you to all the breeders, owners and handlers that suppose the Puppy Classic and Grouse Futurity. Also a big thank you to Greg Blair and Purim’s for their generous sponsorship of the Grouse Futurity

73rd Grand National Puppy Classic Winners

73rd Grand National Puppy Classic

73rd Grand National Puppy Classic
   Grouse Ridge Farm, Oxford NY      

*starts 4/15 2022 at the conclusion of the GNG Invitational but no sooner than 11am. We will run as many braces as we can on Friday at the judges discretion and resume at 7:30am on Saturday 4/16


1a Partridge Hollow Elrumhew, pm, Papandrea/Papandrea/Dubriske
1b Goldstone Griz, sm, Estep/Estep/Estep
2a Grousehill Boss, pm, Piperis/Capocci/M.Forman
2b Mountain Top Nelly, sf, Wood/Keller/Keller
3a Super Storm Sandy, sf, Estep/Kain/Kain
3b Chasehill Wicked Wilma, pf, Stolgitis/McClung/Stolgitis
4a Grousehill Rambo, pm, Capocci/Capocci/Capocci
4b Ralphy’s Chasehill Molly, pf, Stolgitis/Ralph/Ralph/Stolgitis
5a Grousehill Rock, pm, Capocci/Capocci/M.Forman
5b Foxbrook Top Secret, sf, Estep/Wheeler/Wheeler
6a Rock Solid Lilly, sf, Dix/Dix/M.Forman
6b Mountain Top Oakley, sf, Wood/Keller/Keller
7a Sunkhaze Veira, pf, Stolgitis/Flewelling/Stolgitis
7b Snuff Mill High Caliber, sf, Guilano/Dellinger/Dellinger
8a Ralphy’s Chasehill Rip, pm, Stolgitis/Ralph/Ralph/Stolgitis
8b Super Storm Hank, sm, Watts/Kain/Kain
9a Sweets Noble Bill, sm, Moss/Sweet/Sweet
9b Chasehill Wango Tango, pm, Stolgitis/Raino/Stolgitis
10a Fantom Riley, sm, Watts/Ralph/Ralph
10b Resin, sm, Bressler/Lahoda/Lahoda
11a Backcreek Suzie, sf, Watts/Graham/Kain
11b Anna Lake Klark, sm, Eldridge/Matson/Matson
12a Spata Cracker, sf, Apospris/Apospris/Apospris
12b Panola Big, pm, Stolgitis/Stidham/Stolgitis
13a North Country Soda Pop, sf, Bressler/Hamel/Dubriske
13b Buck of Piney Woods, pm, Capocci/Warters/Capocci

2021 Cancellations

The Board of directors of the grand National Grouse Championship with saddened heart regretfully announce that, because of the uncertainty of where we will be with the status of the pandemic the 2021 Running of the Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship and the Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic will be cancelled and there will be no points awarded for the 2022 running during the spring 2021 trialing season.  It is anticipated that the point tabulation will resume with the 2021 fall trialing season.  That decision will be finalized at a special Meeting to be held in July.  Please continue to monitor this web site for further information regarding this situation.

2019 Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic Winners

The Winners. From left: Bryan Wood, Deb Kennedy with Deb’s McKeachie Road, Carl McRae, judge; Scott Chaffee, Steve Snyder with Snyder’s Pioneer Sam, Bob Wheelock with Tupelo Honey and Ken Moss, judge. [Second place Elhew Snakewood was not present for photo.]

GLADWIN, MICH. — The 72nd running of the Grand National Puppy Classic came to its conclusion in grand style with four of the best standing on the podium. Having judged this stake a few times, I can relate to what a difficult task it is to pick four out of a class that just seems to get better each year.

Kudos to this year’s Judges Carl McRae and Ken Moss for their attention in studying each entry for conformation, style, range, pattern, hitting objectives, and the stamina it takes to finish.

A good puppy course really helps to separate the winners, and for sure the Gladwin Field Trial Area happens to have one of the best for providing judges the ability to be subjective for all of the aforementioned standards. It should be noted that this is a thirty-minute puppy stake (unlike most classics of 25 minutes) and without doubt these judges took advantage of all of it in making their well received decisions.

This year’s Classic and evening activities were hosted by the Beaverton Grouse Dog Club. It is evident that they have been doing this for a long time and this year was one of the best. We can’t thank them or say enough about the accommodations and help this club provides year after year. They have their act together, for sure.

I cannot recall a smoother operation or coordination between handlers and participants with multiple events running at the same time.

For this stake, everything from litter nominations to forfeitures, placement tabulations, checks in and out, balancing the books and keeping folks informed, comes down to the secretary/treasurer. Thank you, Thor Kain, for keeping track of everything that made this year’s event the success that it was.

Note: Without entries, we don’t have a Classic. From the heart of the Grand National officers, a special thank you to the breeders and owners who chose to compete in this year’s event. I’m convinced that the puppy athletes that we’re seeing are getting better every year. Everyone’s a potential winner. A testament to those who study the genetics in breeding the best to the best which is one of the primary purposes of this club “to stimulate the breeding and raising of pointing dogs”. Thank you to all of those who continue to make this happen.

Finally, it would be remiss for sure not to mention our sponsors, Nestlé Purina, and Garmin-Tri-Tronics. We are so blessed to have these folks in support of our venue. Thank you, and thank you.

Interesting note: Ponderosa Mac sired three of the four placements in this stake. He shares this record with one other dog, Full Blast. And, for the second year in row, Deb Kennedy has owned and handled the first place dog.

Now for the placements.

Gladwin, Mich., April 13

Judges: Carl McRae and Ken Moss


6 Pointers and 12 Setters

1st—DEB’S MCKEACHIE ROAD, setter female, by Ponderosa Mac—Grouse River Woodcock Annie. Bryan Wood, breeder; Deb Kennedy, owner and handler.

2d—ELHEW SNAKEWOOD, pointer male, by Elhew Snakecharmer—Elhew Danner. Craig Doherty, breeder, owner and handler.

3d—SNYDER’S PIONEER SAM, setter male, by Ponderosa Mac—Call Me Maggie. Craig Merlington, breeder; Steven C. Snyder & Ben McKean, owners; Scott Chaffee, handler.

4th—TUPELO HONEY, setter female, by Ponderosa Mac—Out of the Shadows. Bob & Diane Wheelock, breeders, owners and handlers.

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