White Mountain National Forest – Berlin, NH

The Kilkenny region of the White Mountain National Forest consisting of approximately 24,000 acres is located in rural, northern New Hampshire. The grounds are near the town of Berlin, NH.  The Northern New Hampshire Bird Dog Club holds a special use permit from the USDA.  These grounds are rugged! Typical cover of where grouse live in Northern New England.  Judges walk as the courses are too dangerous for horses.  These grounds are beautiful especially in the fall during peak foliage, and a true test for a dog.


The first event held on these grounds was the Kilkenny Open Shooting Dog Classic, in 1993.  This was a one hour wild bird stake.  The Grand National Grouse Championship first ran here in 1998.  This was the first time “The Grand” had been run in the northeast region since 1977 (NY) and the first time in New England since 1959.  The grounds have been in the three year rotation since 1998.


 There are presently several field trial clubs that utilize the area on an annual biases.  Typically the Northern New England Open Woodcock Championship, The ABC (Brittany) Grouse Classic, The New England Brittany Grouse Championship, and the New England Open Grouse Championship are held on the grounds each year.

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