2016 Grand National Grouse Invitational Update – Day 2

Day 2 Update

Call Back and Reserve Dogs


1a) Grouse Hill Bell – Stolgitis
1b) Call Me Maggie – Merlington

2a) High Point Left Turn – Chaffee
2b) Centerfold Bette – Holmes

In Reserve:

Upper Cover Billie Babe
Ponderosa Mac

About Alex Meeder

I have been around and participated in bird dog field trails most of my life. The sport of field trialing bird dogs has impacted my life in a tremendously positive way. I owe most of my interest in the outdoors and bird dogs to my father Norm Meeder. I have been a member of Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club Since 2011. Also I have been a Grounds Crew Member at Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club Since 2017. I am an avid conservationist with a working interest in habitat management particularly for American Woodcock and pollinators.

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