2020 Drawing of the Grand National Grouse Championship

Grand National Grouse Championship
78th Running November 3, 2020
Gladwin Field Trial Area Meredith, Michigan
Start Time 8:00am each Morning
Courses: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16. Will start each morning where we leave off.

Brace Dog’s Name B/S Handler
1. Hifive’s Power Line p/m Minard
1. Grouse Hill Bullet Proof s/m M Forman

2. Bud of Piney Wood p/m Ecker
2. Dun Roven’s Drifter s/m Hollister

3. Hershner’s Thunderbolt Jet s/m T Chaffee
3 Pistol Grip s/m M Hughes

4. Leslie Jiggster s/m S Forman
4. Braggabull p/f M Hughes

5. Rebellious Fearless Fred s/m Luebke/Forman
5. Thorn Apple Cody s/m Minard

6. Phillips Moonlight Lilly i/s s/f D Hughes
6. Ghost Train Sassy s/f Fruchey

7. Anna Lake Sophie i/s s/f D Hughes
7. Snyders Full Rage i/s s/f S Chaffee

8. A Distant Spec i/s p/f M Hughes
8. Bawl of Fire Slipper p/f Minard

9. Jars Way LeRoy s/m M Hughes
9. Grouse Hill Smokey p/m M Forman

10. Highbanks Down N Dirty p/f S Chaffee
10. Full Breeze i/s s/f D Hughes

11. Baxter’s Apache John s/m Peters
11. LaSombra p/m D Hughes

12. Highbanks Back N Black p/m Chaffee/Nelson
12. Pond Road Pete s/m Hollister

13. Double Deuce Zeke p/m D Hughes
13. Attitudes True Grit s/m Ecker

14. Blast Off s/m M Forman
14. Wayward Flying Tomato s/m M Hughes

15. Hifives Top Shelf p/f Minard
15. Sumac’s Sashay i/s p/f M Hughes

16. Shady Hills Whiskey Bonfire s/m S Forman
16. Flycast Rollie Fingers s/m S Chaffee

17. Rebellious Boisterous Bart s/m Luebke/Forman
17. All Out s/m S Chaffee

18. Travel Alert s/m Holmes
18. I’ll Be Back s/m M Hughes

19. Wild Apple Siri p/f Minard
19. Snyder’s Pioneer Scout s/m T Chaffee

20. Grouse Trails Tuscarora p/m M Hughes
20. Fireside Aidan s/m T Chaffee

21. Deciding Point i/s s/f D Hughes
21. Out of the Shadows s/f Wheelock

22. Cal Peak 100th Meridian p/m M Hughes
22. Angels Envy s/f Wheelock

23. Melville Sureshot Buck s/m S Forman
23 Maximum Resistance s/m Ecker

24. Bo Of Piney Wood p/m Ecker
24. Double Deuce Oscar p/m McMillen/Hughes

25. Bax-stars Doc Holiday gsp/m Baxter
25. Bawl of Fire Charlie p/f Minard

26. Upper Ammonoosuc Violet s/f Ecker
26 Faith’s Maximum Justice p/m DeLong

27. Boston p/m Ecker
27. Game Winner s/m D Hughes

28. Double Deuce Sage p/f McMillen/Hughes
28. Nobody’s Shadow s/m Wheelock

29. Sterlingsworth Jack s/m Ecker
29. Warrior Zeke p/m M Hughes

30. Grouse Ridge Larry s/m Hollister
30. Double Deuce Dexter p/m D Hughes

31. Texas Elhew Bodie p/m M Forman
31. Hershner’s Grouse Gunner s/m S Chaffee

32. Kendall Hill’s Dawson Creek p/m M Hughes
32. Titanium Hammer p/m Minard

33. Ponderosa Mac s/m S Chaffee
33. Wildland Warrior p/f M Hughes


About Alex Meeder

I have been around and participated in bird dog field trails most of my life. The sport of field trialing bird dogs has impacted my life in a tremendously positive way. I owe most of my interest in the outdoors and bird dogs to my father Norm Meeder. I have been a member of Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club Since 2011. Also I have been a Grounds Crew Member at Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club Since 2017. I am an avid conservationist with a working interest in habitat management particularly for American Woodcock and pollinators.

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