Long Gone Agnes

For nearly five decades, the record for cover trial championships by any single dog was six.  This record was finally surpassed by a setter female from New England who won wild bird trials from Michigan to New Brunswick under four different handlers.  She was the Michael Seminatore Top Cover Setter award winner for the 1998-1999 season and won the inaugural William Harnden Foster Top Cover Dog Award that same season. She finished her performing career  an eight time champion, having also won one on planted quail.

Her performing record is even more remarkable considering that she lost large chunks of her performing time with litters of puppies. And what makes her truly special is her production record. Each of her five litters produced a dog with a title; six champions and one runner-up champion, all of which won multiple titles, and  to three different sires. We believe that no setter female of any circuit produced this many champions, even those ‘brood matrons’ who were not campaigned.  One of those champions, Long Gone Madison,  won both Top Cover Dog Awards three times.

Considering only her performance record, Agnes stands as one of the all time cover trial greats.  Considering only her production record, she stands alone in all of field trials.