2016 Grand National Puppy Classic Winners

Puppy Classic Winners. From left: Bryan Wood, Chuck Langstaff, judge; Diane Wheelock with Angel’s Envy, Joe Dahl with Magic Mist Sydni, Peter Casgrain with Springfield’s Half Stache and Patrick Cooke with River’s Edge Molly.

With crews in cutting timber one course had to try to be rerouted and the puppy course had to be checked ribbon to make sure there was sufficient time on the course. Thanks to Roger Johnson, Bob Wheelock, and members of the grounds committee for getting this done.

The weather made a rapid change, getting warmer than we were used to, so early Saturday morning stake manager Bryan Wood got some help and a water tub was put out about halfway through the course, which was appreciated by both handlers and dogs.

Thanks to Nestlé Purina and Dean Reinke for their continued support of food and monies. Also thanks to Garmin for their generous gift of a training collar for the winner.

There are always people to thank. George Johnson and his wife Shirley kept track of the litter nominations, forfeits, taking entries and doing the drawing and the many other things that need to be done to help make this a successful event.

Thanks to Rich and Jennifer Hollister for providing fine mounts for the judges, helping to make it a pleasant day in the saddle. I would also like to thank Richard Jr. and Randi Hollister for checking on the horses during the day and taking them to water at lunch and watering and riding them in at the conclusion of the stake.

Thanks to the Ruffed Grouse and Beaverton clubs for trading dates for this spring when Beaverton had dates for the Invitational and the Puppy Classic.


Judges for this year’s Puppy Classic were two veterans of the grouse woods, Mr. Tom Vanecek of St. Charles, Mich., and your scribe, Charles Langstaff of Lansing, Mich.

Stake manager Bryan Wood did a great job having dogs on the line and keeping the judges supplied with water.

Thirty-four dogs were entered and they had the judges’ attention all day. Many of these pups will be make the Futurity very interesting this fall.

Top honors went to Angel’s Envy, setter female owned by Bob and Diane Wheelock and handled by Diane. Angel ran in the last brace. She never let down, had a classy race responding to Diane’s soft calls for the full brace and finishing going away when time was called. She came right in when called.

Second was another classy setter female Magic Mist Sydni, owned and handled by Joe Dahl. Taking the yellow was Dave D’Hulster’s setter male Springfield’s Half Stache. River’s Edge Molly, owned and handled by Pat Cooke, took fourth place honors. She was forward and reaching out.

We talked long and hard during the day and at the conclusion we felt there were so many good puppies we just couldn’t name any honorable mentions. With all the good puppies we saw the future looks very good. Thank you for the honor of looking at a great group of pups.

Gladwin, Mich., April 16

Judges: Charles Langstaff and Tom Vanecek


2 Pointers and 32 Setters

1st—ANGEL’S ENVY, setter female, by Full Blast—Springfield’s Showgirl. Bob & Diane Wheelock, owners; Diane Wheelock, handler.

2d—MAGIC MIST SYDNI, setter female, by Star’s Southern Idol—Black Face Miner. Joe Dahl, owner and handler.

3d—SPRINGFIELD’S HALF STACHE, setter male, by Full Blast—Springfield’s Showgirl. Dave D’Hulster, owner and handler.

4th—RIVER’S EDGE MOLLY, setter female, by Long Gone Studly—River’s Edge Sadie. Pat Cooke, owner; Scott Forman, handler.