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2016 Grand National Grouse & Woodcock
Invitational Event Information

The 2016 Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship will be held April 13-15 at the Gladwin Field Trial grounds, Gladwin, Mich. The Grand National Puppy will follow on April 16, 2016.

Jerry Kolter, Sandstone, MN
Joe Dahl, Bangor, ME


The fourteen dogs that have accepted to run in 2016 Grand National Grouse & Woodcock Invitational are :

Upper Cove Billy Babe   Capocci / S. Forman

Terhaar’s Rouge              Terhaar / Terhaar

Full Blast                             Brenneman / Hughes

Grouse Hill Belle             Capocci / Stolgitis

Straight Forward             Brenneman / Hughes

Bud of Piney Wood       Waters / Ecker

Chasehill Baby Bella      Stoligits / Stoligits

High Desert Dream       Piperis / S. Forman

Centerfold Bette           Holmes / Holmes

Ponderosa Mac             Cartwright / Chaffee

Henry of Ferguson       Eberle / Bressler

Grouse Trail Pride         McKellop / McKellop

Call Me Maggie              Merlington / Merlington

Grouse Ridge Sarge     G. & S. Johnson / Hughes


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