Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic 2012

The Winners. From left: Mark Hughes, Andy Ehde with Ehde’s Noname, Kellie McCallister, Bruce Minard with Hifive’s Unlisted, Jenny Minard, Helen Brenneman, judge; Craig Doherty with Wild Apple L J, Richard Brenneman, judge, and Dave D’Hulster with Rowling’s Nike.


MARIENVILLE, PA., — The Grand National Puppy Classic came to successful conclusion at the Lamonaville side of the Marienville, Pa., trial grounds in the Allegheny National Forest. One of the largest entries in recent years, 44 pups, competed.

Futurity secretary George Johnson was on hand to make sure the pups were on the line and that everything moved along smoothly. Thanks to everyone’s cooperation the trial was completed in one day.

No two finer judges could have been secured. Richard and Helen Brenneman of Port Matilda, Pa., have seen their share of puppies and not a few grew into champions. It can be tough to sort through 44 ground efforts but no two people are more qualified to do so than Richard and Helen.

Many thanks also to Dean Reinke, Pat Lamantia and our many friends at Nestlé Purina for their loyal support of the Grand National events and other cover trials. Their product for the winners, their support for the club and their other gifts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks also to Tri-Tronics for their gift of a quality e-collar for the winner.

Special thanks also to Mike Coleman for donating one of his stainless steel tie-out stakes for each of the four winners. This gift is appreciated as well. Mike was on hand to watch some of the trial.


Ehde’s Noname is a big, strong going setter dog; he carried a high tail and used it well. He executed a strong forward race at good range, displaying good carriage. The pup laid out well and was consistent the whole way around.

Noname did not check back much but stayed in touch at a distance for an overall impressive performance. The dog is owned and was handled by Andy Ehde and was bred by Dave Terhaar by his champion Terhaar’s Rocko out of Terhaar’s Ivy.

Hifive’s Unlisted, a nice going pointer, was named to second place. Unlisted was also forward, rangier overall than the winner, not quite as stylish and also had a short absence at the turn. It was nevertheless a strong well-paced performance from beginning to end. Unlisted was sired by Dateline Black List out of Hifive’s Sin Again and is owned by Hifive Kennels.

Wild Apple L J, another pointer, is a very classy dog, impressive moving, though not nearly as mature about how he went about his work as the two above him. The dog stayed forward and made some nice moves but a few stops detracted and he was just not as consistent throughout. L J is sired by Wild Apple Jack out of Indian Creek Triple Rail and is owned, was bred and handled by Craig Doherty of Dummer, N. H.

Rowling’s Nike (D’Hulster), a setter, rounded out the placements. Nike was very forward, hunted well and moved nicely. The dog was, however, a bit inconsistent the first half coming all the way back a couple of times. The second half was much better as the dog laid out well and worked hard. Nike is owned by Chuck Rowling of North Street, Mich., was sired by Springfield’s Orvis out of Star’s Misty Willow. The litter was bred by Pete Casgrain of Wooster, Ohio.

Close to the winners, according to the judges, were: Silk (Dave D’Hulster), Cliff Lee (Forman) and Pouncy (Hughes).

The judges also wanted to mention three dogs that caught their eyes with their looks and carriage but which did not perform well enough overall to be in the mix: Chasehill Little Thudd (Kisieleski), Centerfold Bette (Holmes) and Dot (Joe McCarl).

Thanks to all who helped and participated.

Marienville, Pa., April 1 — One Course

Judges: Richard Brenneman and Helen Brenneman


1st—EHDE’S NONAME, 1629850, setter male, by Terhaar’s Rocko—Terhaar’s Ivy. Andy Ehde, owner and handler.

2d—HIFIVE’S UNLISTED, 1630636, pointer male, by Dateline Black List—Hifive’s Sin Again. Hifive Kennels, owner; Bruce Minard, handler.

3d—WILD APPLE L J, 1630443,  pointer male, by Wild Apple Jack—Indian Creek Triple Rail. Craig Doherty, owner and handler.

4th—ROWLING’S NIKE, 1627989, setter female, by Springfield’s Orvis—Star’s Misty Willow. Chuck Rowling, owner; Dave D’Hulster, handler.

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