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Current Event Reports

69th Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic Winners


The 68th Grand National Puppy Classic began at 7:30am at the Gladwin grounds in Gladwin, Michigan. The host club was Beaverton.

1st Angel Envey
Handler : Diane Wheelock
Owner: Diane Wheelock
Breeder : Dave D’ Hulster

2nd Magic Mist Sydni
Owner : Joe Dahl
Handler : Joe Dahl
Breeder : Jim Humphrey

3rd. Springfield Half Stache
Owner : Dave D’Hulster
Handler : Dave D’Hulster
Breeder: Dave D’Hulster

4th. River Edge Molly
Owner : Pat Cooke
Handler : Pat Cooke
Breeder: Pat Cooke



Wayne and Marlene Fruchey sitting in front if the 100 year commemoration sign for the Gladwin Field Trial Grounds.

71st Grand National Grouse Futurity Winners


1st-Blast Off ESM owned by Justin Evans and handled by Marc Forman

2nd-Long Gone Mersadies ESF owned by Lloyd Murray and handled by Dave Hughes

3rd-All Out ESM owned and handled by Thor Kain

4th-Shady Hills Whiskey Bonfire owned by Steve Chiapinni and handled by Scott Forman

2015 Futurity

L-R Marc Forman, Justin Evans with Blast Off, Larry Sutter (reporter) Dave Hughes with Long Gone Mersadies, Jeff Crum (judge), Thor Kain with All Out, Dave Bogle (judge), Scott Forman with Shady Hills Whiskey Bonfire

Puppy Classic results


Left to Right


1.Springfields Side Kick

Owner: Dave D’DHulster

Breeder; same

2 Northwoods Iron Maiden

Owner :Tom Beauchamp

Breeder : jerry Kolter 

3 Willwoods Squig 

Owner : Chris D’Matteo

Breeder: Dave


4. Springfjeld’s

Dark Knight

Owner : Dave D’Hulster

Breeder: Dave ‘


Eric Locher 


This is the first Time since I 

Have been secretary of the Fututity that pups from

The same litter has taken three 

Places in the Puppy Classic-George Johnson