79th Grand National Grouse Futurity draw

Starts Sunday November 5, 2023, Gladwin MI, 8am
Judges, Bruce Minard and Craig Merlington

Dog Breeder Owner Handler

1a) Grouse Hill Princess, sf, Aposporis, Capocci, S. Forman
1b) Gimmee Some Sugar, pf(is) McClurg, Ervin, Hughes/Ervin
2a) Mac Sullivan, sm, Parnell, Parnell, T Chaffee
2b) Mohawk Mill Miss You, pf, Winall, McFadden, Stolgitis
3a) Gretna Crest Royalty, sf, Frame, Frame, Frame/Swerzak
3b) Springponds Addy Boy, sm, Parnell, Rademacher, Rademacher
4a) Miss Buttons, pf, Forman, Gehm, S Forman
4b) Snyder’s Bonnie Parker, sf, (is), Wood, Snyder, S. Chaffee
5a) ChaseHill Snoop Dogg, pm, Stolgitis, E Stolgitis, Stolgitis
5b) Liam’s Little Wallace, pm, Forman, Ballin, M.Forman
6a) Moss Meadow Able, sm, Moss, Moss, Moss
6b) Mohawk Mill Double E, pf, Winall, Winall/ E. Stolgitis, Stolgitis
7a) Snyder’s Big Nose Kate, sf, (is) Eldridge, Snyder, T. Chaffee
7b) Shady Hills Lefty, pf, Forman, Forman, M. Forman
8a) Grouse Hill Mac, pm, Aposporis,Capocci, S. Forman
8b) Dauntless Rogue, sf, Moss, Benshoof, Benshoof
9a) Moss’s Straight Cash Homie,sm Moss, Dozeman, Dozeman
9b) Baxters Wild Bill,sm, Peters, Peters, Peters
10a) Ralph’s Hillbilly, pm, Hamilton, Ralph, Ralph
10b) Ponderosa Ace, sm, Chaffee, Snyder, S.Chaffee
11a) Millers Dusty Version, pf(is) Miller, Husenits, Hughes
11b) Ghost Train Millie, sf, Parnell, Frutchey, Frutchey
12a) Jewett Creek Beauty, pf, McKellop, Sullivan, Sullivan
12b) Rogue River Pig Pen, sm, Ash, Brown, Brown
13a) Sunkhaze Orange Gerry, pf, Winall,, Flewelling, Flewelling/Stolgitis
13b) Baxter’s Doc Holiday, sm, Peters, Peters, Peters
14a) Jewett’s Creek Oakley, pf, McKellop, Sullivan, Sullivan
14b) MI Henry, Wood, Dewald, Dewald
15a) Scotland’s Ponderosa Belle sf,(is) S. Forman
15b) Mohawk Mill Miss Ellie, pf, Winall, E Stolgitis, Stolgitis
16a) Moss Meadow Ellie, sf, Moss, Stegman, Stegman
16b) Carolina Sandstorm, pf, (is) McCLurg, Ervin, Ervin
17a) Town Creek Rambler, sm, Frame, Frame, Frame/Swerzak
17b) BYE

About Alex Meeder

I have been around and participated in bird dog field trails most of my life. The sport of field trialing bird dogs has impacted my life in a tremendously positive way. I owe most of my interest in the outdoors and bird dogs to my father Norm Meeder. I have been a member of Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club Since 2011. Also I have been a Grounds Crew Member at Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club Since 2017. I am an avid conservationist with a working interest in habitat management particularly for American Woodcock and pollinators.