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After careful consideration of the information at hand, grounds availability and hosting issues, the Secretaries of The Pennsylvania Grouse Trial Clubs are cancelling all Field Trials for the Spring of 2020.

In addition, the Grand National Grouse Executive Board have decided to cancel The Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship and The Grand National Puppy Classic.

Cancellations include:
The Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship
The Grand National Puppy Classic.
The Ontario Championship
The Amateur Invitational Coverdog Classic Scheduled for April 18th and 19th
The Venango Grouse Trial
The Pennsylvania Grouse Trial
Nittany Valley Grouse Trial

The Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship Points Ranking

The Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship for the 2023 points season will take place on The Gladwin Field Trial grounds in Gladwin Michigan. The trial will be hosted by The Beaverton Grouse Dog Club. The drawing date will be Tuesday April 16, 2024, and the trial will start on Wednesday the 17th, running through Thursday and Friday the 18th and 19th.

The following 20 dogs are ranked in order of their total reported points, highest first. The Invitational is a 14-dog field, and invitations will be sent out in January to the first 14, sending out additional invitations if any decline.

A huge congratulations to the dogs, the owners, and the handlers……
Secretary, Joe Cammisa

Dogs, Owners, Handlers

1. Guaranteed Chasehill Poison Ivy Allen Raiano John Stolgitis
2. Guaranteed BK Rollin Dice Bill Seimer Bruce Minard
3. Guaranteed Ralphy’s Chasehill Rip Brian Ralph John Stolgitis
4. 1008 Dunrovens Soozee Chris Yeager Rich Hollister
5. 984 Over The Hill Merry Rod Lein Rod Lein
6. 927 Cairds Cracklin Rosie Bob Little Bob Little
7. 768 Bundys Buckeye Molly Chris Sellers Zach Erne
8. 756 Shady Hills Whiskey Scott Forman Scott Forman
9. 752 Boomer of Blackwater Cole Cullins Mike Flewelling/John Stolgitis
10. 736 Grouse Ridge Mags Bill Ballin Scott Forman
11. 728 Sunkhaze Viera Masardis Mike Flewelling Mike Flewelling
12. 720 Meridith Grade Corkey Dennis Keysor Tammy Chaffee
13. 692 Moss Meadow seeker Ken Moss Ken Moss
14. 612 Blue Ribbon Harper Marty Festa Robert Ecker
15. 595 Back Creek Lucy Steve Graham Rich Holister
16. 512 Full Breeze Dick Brenneman Dave Hughes
17. 496 Duck Hook Mike Flewelling Mike Flewelling
18. 448 Coal Camps Annie Jim Humphrey Adam Thomas
19. 432 Tupelo Honey Bob Wheelock Bob Wheelock
20. 416 Dunrovens Midnight Ike Dr. Peter Millett Robert Ecker

2023 Grand National Grouse Championship Running Order


1 Distant Spec PF IS Husentis Hughes
Bad Habits Lucy PF Mergens Mergens
2 Meredith Grade Corky SM Keysor T Chaffee
Hifives Ruff Runner PM Minard
3 Stan The Man SM Fruchey Fruchey
Panola Bacon PM Stidham Stolgitis
4 Grouse Hill Bulletproof SM S. Forman
Chasehill Snoop Dog PM E. Stolgitis J. Stolgitis
5 Sumacs Sashay PF IS Mcpherson Hughes
Over The Hill Mary PF Lein Lein
6 Meredith Grade Penny SF IS Keysor S. Chaffee
Speck SF Merlington Merlington
7 Waywards Flying Tomato SF Smith Hughes
Over The Hll Patty PF Lein Lein
8 Hifives Top Shelf PF Batey IS Minard
Snyders Sadie SF IS T. Chaffee
9 Mojos Remington Steel SF Moelders Hughes
Grouse Hill Bella PF Capocci M Forman
10 Setter Ridge Flash Forward SF IS Peterson S. Chaffee
Wildlands Sweet Caroline PF IS Munden Munden/Hughes
11 Shady Hills Zeena PF IS D. Forman M. Forman
Tupelo Honey SF IS Wheelock Wheelock
12 Chasehill Wicked Wilma PF McClung Stolgitis
Wild Apple Siri PF IS Rizza Minard

13 Muldberry Fields Molly SF Meeder Hughes
Fireside Sally SF IS Esser T Chaffee
14 Duckhook PM Flewelling Flewelling/Stolgitis
Resin SM M Forman
15 Frenchs Grouse Ringer Woody SM French M. Forman
Ralphys Chasehill Rip PM Ralph Stolgitis
16 Full Breeze SF IS Brenneman Hughes
Springpond Rockin Sydney SF IS Parnell T. Chaffee
17 Game Winner SM Brenneman Hughes
Hifives Powerline PM Batey Minard
18 Pauceks Little Tommy Tucker SM Short Short
Blast Off SM Evans M. Forman
19 Deciding Point ESF IS Brenneman Hughes
Sunkhaze Vera Masardis PF Flewelling Flewelling/Stolgitis
20 Dunroven Soozee SF IS Yeager Hollister
Bragabull PF IS Hughes Hughes
21 Northwoods Atlas SM Johnson Johnson
Timberdoodle Farms Sal PF M. Forman
22 Millers Hopped Up Version PF IS Escalante Hughes
Stokely B Annie Ralph Ralph
23 Chasehill Poison Ivy PF Raiano Stolgitis
Hifives Rolling Stone PM Jones Mindard
24 Wildlands Warrior PF IS Munden Munden/Hughes
Kalamity Cinder RSF IS Sloan Sloan
25 Rowlings Star SF IS Rowlings S. Forman
Millers Special Upgrade PF Escalante Hughes

26 Grouse Hill Pepper PF IS Capocci S. Forman
Coal Camp Annie SF Humphrey Thomas
27 Grouse Ridge Larry SM Giluito Hollister
Boomer Blackwater PM Cullins Stolgitis
28 Over The Hill Morgan PF Lein Lein
Kits Whiskey Creek Patsy SF IS Foster S. Chaffee
29 Moss Meadow Seeker SM Moss Moss
Rebellious Fearless Fred SM Luebke Luebke
30 Backwoods Wildfire Blaze PM Mason Hughes
Baxters Pale Rider SM Peters Peters
31 BK Rolling Dice PF IS Seimer Minard
Pinestraw Fat Bottom Girl SF IS Ash Ash/S. Forman
32 War Paint SF Cook Cook
Centerfold Peach SF Holmes Holmes
33 Warrior Zeke PM Husentis Hughes
Snyders Fireside Ed SM Snyder T Chaffee
34 Bang Bangs Long Shot SM Luther Thomas
Thornapple Casey SM Leet Leet/Minard
35 Shady Hills Whiskey Bonfire Forman S. Forman
Backwoods Rumble SM Hollister
36 Grouse Ridge Mags S Forman
Red Rum Rosie PF Matson Hughes
37 Double Duece Zeke PM McMillen Hughes
Thornapple Cody SM Leet Minard
38 Asper Hill Bandit ESF Cullen Cullen
Ghost Train Bella SF Fruchey Fruchey
39 Travel Alert SM Holmes Holmes
Baxters Indian Arrowhead SM Peters Peters

40 Pistol Patch Bullet SM. S Forman
Titanium Hammer PM Leet N. Minard
41 Back Creek Lucy SF IS Graham Hollister
Kasida SF Cook Cook

79th Grand National Grouse Futurity draw

Starts Sunday November 5, 2023, Gladwin MI, 8am
Judges, Bruce Minard and Craig Merlington

Dog Breeder Owner Handler

1a) Grouse Hill Princess, sf, Aposporis, Capocci, S. Forman
1b) Gimmee Some Sugar, pf(is) McClurg, Ervin, Hughes/Ervin
2a) Mac Sullivan, sm, Parnell, Parnell, T Chaffee
2b) Mohawk Mill Miss You, pf, Winall, McFadden, Stolgitis
3a) Gretna Crest Royalty, sf, Frame, Frame, Frame/Swerzak
3b) Springponds Addy Boy, sm, Parnell, Rademacher, Rademacher
4a) Miss Buttons, pf, Forman, Gehm, S Forman
4b) Snyder’s Bonnie Parker, sf, (is), Wood, Snyder, S. Chaffee
5a) ChaseHill Snoop Dogg, pm, Stolgitis, E Stolgitis, Stolgitis
5b) Liam’s Little Wallace, pm, Forman, Ballin, M.Forman
6a) Moss Meadow Able, sm, Moss, Moss, Moss
6b) Mohawk Mill Double E, pf, Winall, Winall/ E. Stolgitis, Stolgitis
7a) Snyder’s Big Nose Kate, sf, (is) Eldridge, Snyder, T. Chaffee
7b) Shady Hills Lefty, pf, Forman, Forman, M. Forman
8a) Grouse Hill Mac, pm, Aposporis,Capocci, S. Forman
8b) Dauntless Rogue, sf, Moss, Benshoof, Benshoof
9a) Moss’s Straight Cash Homie,sm Moss, Dozeman, Dozeman
9b) Baxters Wild Bill,sm, Peters, Peters, Peters
10a) Ralph’s Hillbilly, pm, Hamilton, Ralph, Ralph
10b) Ponderosa Ace, sm, Chaffee, Snyder, S.Chaffee
11a) Millers Dusty Version, pf(is) Miller, Husenits, Hughes
11b) Ghost Train Millie, sf, Parnell, Frutchey, Frutchey
12a) Jewett Creek Beauty, pf, McKellop, Sullivan, Sullivan
12b) Rogue River Pig Pen, sm, Ash, Brown, Brown
13a) Sunkhaze Orange Gerry, pf, Winall,, Flewelling, Flewelling/Stolgitis
13b) Baxter’s Doc Holiday, sm, Peters, Peters, Peters
14a) Jewett’s Creek Oakley, pf, McKellop, Sullivan, Sullivan
14b) MI Henry, Wood, Dewald, Dewald
15a) Scotland’s Ponderosa Belle sf,(is) S. Forman
15b) Mohawk Mill Miss Ellie, pf, Winall, E Stolgitis, Stolgitis
16a) Moss Meadow Ellie, sf, Moss, Stegman, Stegman
16b) Carolina Sandstorm, pf, (is) McCLurg, Ervin, Ervin
17a) Town Creek Rambler, sm, Frame, Frame, Frame/Swerzak
17b) BYE

2023 Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship Winners

Congratulations to The winner CH. Chasehill Poison Ivy, Owner Allen Raiano, Handler John Stolgitis and Runner-up Champion CH. Bk’s Rolling Dice, Owner Bill Siemer, Handler Bruce Minard.

It was an exciting 3 days and both winners pushed the peddle to the limits, running hard, pointing grouse and woodcock, all the while turning to the voices of their handlers. They bested a field of fourteen of the top grouse dogs in the country. You should have been there, the galleries were huge and the conditions varied from day to day.

Thank you to all who toiled to make this a great and successful Invitational and thank you to the dogs, owners and handlers that worked so hard keeping things moving in the right direction.

Thank you to Greg Blair and Purina, Garmin and to Lion Country Supply, all people who believe in us and keep this dream alive……

2022 Grand National Grouse Championship Winner

Winner of the 80th running of the Grand National Grouse Championship

This years champion came from the 15th brace of the trial and ran on the golden rod course.Max is an eight year old white and liver pointer that is deep chested and built very ruggedly. Russell purchased Max as an eight week old puppy from Chasehill Kennels.Max came from a breeding George Hetrick did with his Riley bitch bred to 19ch 19 ru Chasehill Little Bud.Russell developed this dog to be a grouse dog from an early age. For those of who don’t know Russell he is a true amateur, he works a job that requires 12 hour swing shifts. When not working he is usually working, running dogs or hunting. He is president of the mid coast bdc,secretary of the Maritime BDC and helps or reports at most New England Trials.He became a director of the GNG last year and took his responsibilities very seriously.He worked in concert with Lloyd Murray and Tony Bly on several work parties this summer in order to prepare the grounds for this year’s event.He also took a weeks vacation to report the GNG championship this year,walking every brace of trial on the most rugged courses in all of field trials.Max is hunted as often as Russell can get out.He is superb grouse dog and I have shot dozens of grouse over him hunting with Russell. I don’t ever remember Max going birdless in Kilkenny.Max is no stranger to the winners circle he has won and been runner up in the Northeast Grouse championship,and was ru in the southern ne woodcock championship as well as many other placements.Max was braced with Cairds Remi in the championship and they broke away in warm dry conditions,actually was record warmth this week.Max broke away with power and desire he ran along the fir swamp edge digging in and popping out periodically he had an unproductive at 5 where a bird had been hanging out in the previous futurity.He stopped again at 8 and Russell thought he had heard a bird leave but didn’t call it and collared Max away.Later judge Ralph had said he thought he had heard a bird and was waiting for Russell to call it.After this you leave the best bird cover and head into mature pole timber and likely no birds.Max powered forward and his bell fell silent as we marched up the hill.Max was spotted up ahead on point in the wide open,the brace mate was hunting the area as Russell approached cautiously waiting to see what unfolded as he was already riding an unproductive.As he approached a big drummer roared out and Russell screamed bird!!!,Brian Ralph commented now that’s how you call bird.Released Max powered forward again in the warm dry conditions running at the edge of his bell but still in contact with Russell.Towards the end of the hour on golden rod you pass back by the breakaway where all the bird cover is.Max recognizing the cover dove back down to fir swamp edge and out of bell hearing for a couple minutes.Russell dispatched his scout to look for him, as time ticked down Russell came down to search certain he had stopped.Meanwhile Remi enters the area and began hunting,her bell stopped so now Russell located Remi in hopes that Max is there.They flush a grouse in front of Remi and shoot over her and as they collar her they see Max still with a bird in front of him.The end of an exciting Grand National Championship performance!!!!

Congratulations Russell

The winner of the 80th Grand National Championship is Springbrook Maximus owned and handled by Russell Oglivie.

2022 Grand National Grouse Futurity Drawing

78th Grand National Grouse Futurity
Killkenny New Hampshire
Judges: Thor Kain and Bill Ballin
Starts 7:30am
Dog Breeder Owner Handler
1) Saddled Up Sadie, pf, Camissa, Camissa, Hughes
Long Gone Juniper, sf, Murray, Murray, Murray
2) Chasehill Wango Tango, pm, Stolgitis, Raino, Stolgitis
Anna Lake Klark, sm, Eldridge, Matson, Hughes
3) Snuffmill High Caliber, Guiliano, Dellinger, Dellinger
North Country Soda Pop, sf, Bressler, Hamel, Dubriske
4) Sunkhaze Veira Mersadis,pf, Stolgitis, Flewelling, Flewelling/Stolgitis
Long Gone Kilkenny, sm, Murray, Murray, Murray
5) Rock Solid Lilly, sf, Dix, Dix, Dix
Resin,sm, Bressler, Lahoda, Lahoda
6) Parkway, pm, Park, Hughes, Hughes
Panola Big Mac, pm, Stolgits, Stidham, Stolgitis
7) Ralphy’s Chasehill Molly, pf, Stolgitis, Ralph, Stolgitis
Bog Brook Lucille, sf,(is) Dahl, Richardson, Richardson
8) Mullberry Meadows Molly, sf, Shepard, Meeder, Hughes
Partridge Hollow Elrumhew, pm, Papandrea, Papandrea, Dubriske
9) Chasehill Wicked Wilma, pf, Stolgitis, McClung, Stolgitis
Pretty Boy Leo,pm, Piperis, Mappas, Hughes
10) Twilights Fallen Angel, sf, Deneka, Deneka, Hughes
Ralphy’s Chasehill Rip, pm, Stolgitis, Ralph, Stolgitis